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Honey Nail Glam® Inc. (HNG) launched its first collection of ten sweet, sensational, 5-FREE nail lacquers this April.  Women, teens and little girls adore the color-therapy experience that comes with this amazing new collection. HNG’s nail polish adds extra gloss to nails, applies smoothly, and comes in a beautiful array of fabulous colors that dry in a few minutes. Plus, each polish contains HNG’s “Sweet Cuticle Oil,” a nourishing, cuticle-saving ointment that NailPRO Magazine featured in their July 2016 issue (http://bit.ly/2azIzVR).

Since the official launch in spring, numerous women have purchased the signature “Sweet Cuticle Oil.”  HNG’s “Sweet Cuticle Oil” hydrates the cuticles within seconds and leaves behind a sweet honey aroma, and the best part is, it’s all natural. Mango extract, safflower oil and vitamin E are the nourishing components that make the “Sweet Cuticle Oil” a must have item to add to your nail-care, beauty regimen.  This oil provides an essential component of nail care that seamlessly compliments HNG’s nail lacquers.

For the gift reveal, the HNG team created a signature floral box to go – this beautiful box is a must-have for anyone who adores luxury nail lacquers. HNG’s creator, Lela Christine, designed the products and brand to empower women and girls to be beautiful externally while feeling beautiful internally. Using her passions, Christine developed a brand that captures beauty while preserving the wellbeing of women and young girls.

Along with their empowering qualities, the HNG Lacquers provide a rich and extensive palette with the widest range of colors and benefits without using harsh chemicals, like Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP.  Describing HNG’s purpose, Christine said: “We offer a solution for all consumers to have the glam of a quality, luxury nail lacquer at a reasonable price and an amazing honey, aromatherapy, cuticle oil that nourishes the cuticles on both your hands and feet.”  

The HNG brand gained countless new customers while participating in several of this year’s events: Ultimate Women’s Expo, 102.3 Radio Free KJLH Women’s Health & Wellness Forum, Long Beach Vegan Food & Music Festival, Palos Verdes Food & Music Festival, and various Shopwalk DTLA Pop-up Markets. Event attendees and supporters adore the sweet, sensational nail lacquer collection. The hot ticket item to date is the Honey Gel Top Coat that completes the luxurious collection by preserving the nail lacquers while strengthening weak nails.

During the events, HNG found that mothers and their daughters are excited about the array of unique colors, and families deeply appreciated the information about the beauty of safe cosmetics that HNG provided. Consumers always have a fabulous experience with HNG.

HNG’s first launch color palette reflects the attributes of a woman in love with passion and prosperity. Each color represents various qualities of a woman. Fashion Week (Red) exposes the fire within a woman’s eyes, her determination, and her heart’s relentless passion. Blueberry Ice (Purple) penetrates the fearlessness she carries as she walks through a room. It reveals her keen touch for meditation. Rock Fabulous (Iridescent Pearl) represents her incessant patience for others and her special gift to liberate. Sugar Diamond (Blue) reflects her wisdom that she shares with the world as well as her trust. Crystal Couture (Crushed Crystals) flaunts her free spirit and energizes mundane routines. Lemonade Love (Yellow) radiates positivity and the warmth of happiness. Vanilla Kiss (Nude) is a hue that shares calmness and assurance within pink and brown shimmers. Jewel Heaven (Copper) flaunts her professional prowess. It is a hue that carries a balance between hope and confidence. Luscious Lilies (Pink) evokes her relentless affinity for friendship, peace and affection.

HNG’s mission is to educate and influence as many consumers as possible. Women who utilize the solutions that HNG offers have a world of luxury color nail essentials readily available online at www.honeynailglam.com.  For media inquiries email Nails@honeynailglam.com

About Honey Nail Glam® Inc.

Honey Nail Glam Inc. is a new, green, beauty-brand company. We love all things eco-conscious that are free of harsh chemicals and cruel testing practices. We offer color therapy nail lacquers that are 5-FREE. Our nail lacquers are glossy, fast drying, last for weeks without chipping, and provide a sweet, sensational smooth finish to each nail. Our Lacquers provide a rich and extensive palette of the widest range of colors and benefits without the use of Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP.

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