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About Sweet Rock Rose

Sweet Rock Rose, a new collection of natural aromatherapy body sprays, organic essential roll-on body oils, whipped body butters with healing crystals and natural aromatherapies, is coming SPRING/SUMMER 2021. Representing a new era of natural healing products, the Sweet Rock Rose collection will initially feature eight signature brand items that introduce consumers to a new world of lovely, certified organic body and home care products.

“We are so excited to celebrate the launch of Sweet Rock Rose,” remarked Lela Christine, creator of the Honey Nail Glam, Inc. brand. “With Sweet Rock Rose, we bring something new to the market using crystals and all-natural plant-based formulas. We make it a point to only use certified organic oils, herbs, and natural compounds to heal and rejuvenate a person’s skin. At each step, our new product collection is created and tested to ensure they are cruelty-free.”

The Sweet Rock Rose collection will soon be available online, allowing anyone to experience the power of our infused crystal and essential oil signature brand.

Welcome to the world of SWEET ROCK ROSE. We create unique signature natural aromatherapy body sprays, organic essential roll-on body oils, healing body butters and our signature candle infused with Brazilian Amazonite, Amethysts, Rose Quartz, Shugnite EMF Stones and Black Tourmaline crystals.

Our collection of products is derived from herbal plants, deionized pure water, distilled waters, and organic certified essential oils intertwined in sacred prayers that soothe the body, balance your mind and elevate your conscious mind. What makes our signature collection stand out is our exclusive, wonderful rock rose herbal tea that has antioxidants that support the body’s immune system and is commonly used in Bach flower remedies. The Sweet Rock Rose team has worked diligently to create each product in Divine Order. Our signature word phrase we share as we move forward daily is: “Divine Umbrella On, Together This Is How We Roll.”

In this new world order of time, we must focus on what is of value. So that our minds are consistent with expanding in the true essence of positive facts about who we are and what our purpose is, so we all flourish. Under the divine umbrella of Honey Nail Glam Inc. we introduce you to a new world of lovely, certified organic body and homecare products that are for the spiritually tuned-in individual who is in alignment with the power of crystal and aromatherapy. Our prices range from $40 up to $500. Take a peek into our sweet world here at https://sweetrockrose.com/.

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