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Honey Glam Sweet Body Spray

(11 customer reviews)


The HNG sweet body, feet and hand spray is an essential aromatherapy spray that soothes your skin. It’s a therapeutic created with signature organic certified geranium, rosehips, gardenia, rose, chamomile, and frankincense oil, deionized purified water and rose water. Your feet, hand and body feel vibrant and youthful. You can spritz this bottle of essential spray around you, or give special attention to your hands and feet.


weight: 7.3 oz



Your Beauty Go-To Aromatherapy organic body spray. Great for your skin. Mist will moisturize and hydrate your skin and protect it from drying out during your daily beauty regimen. It Provides the necessary hydration to make your skin healthy. Created with Vodka, distilled water, grapefruit, oud oil, pure rose oil, apple infused and magnolia oils.

  • HNG Essential body sweet body spray is fabulous, floral and amazing.
  • Great body mist for body, hands and feet. The perfect romantic fragrance that invites love, happiness and calm.
  • An amazing spray for your room and or bed linens.
  • The fresh chamomile, papaya, apple, lotus, magnolia essential oils combined are just right for any occasion.
  • Organic and crusty free.

11 reviews for Honey Glam Sweet Body Spray

  1. Kimmarie

    this product is so very lush and i can tell a lot of time and effort went into its formulas. I’m so excited to have a body spray and also a body butter. the products are clean and absorb so very well. definitely a beautiful product (s)

  2. PFox

    Since I am in my office all day on Zoom meetings, I spray the body spray on me in between meetings (can’t tell you where) and I spray it into the air to change the energy!
    So, with the holidays coming up, every bathroom and restroom should have a bottle for their guests to freshen up! Oh, by the way the smell is long lasting!

  3. Priscilla Valldejuli

    I’m very careful of products I place In & On my body. It’s exciting to know all of these products are derived from natural oils, ingredients and No animal testing. The Honey Glam spray is so versatile! Love it!

  4. PS

    It reminds me of summertime…Light and slightly sweet like honey. It makes me feel like I’m twenty-something again. Delicious!

  5. Bridget Nelson

    This spray smells so refreshing, honey nail glam makes the best products. Ms. Lela is a genius when it comes to scents for women.

  6. Symone

    I get so many compliments when I walk into a room! The scent is unmistakably feminine and enchanting.

  7. Alisha White Madison

    Love it!! The smell lasts all day. I love the cuticle product, as well.

  8. Day Wellness

    Sweet & Flowery
    A spray to uplift your spirits. All natural ingredients makes this a must have fragrance. Try something new and spray mist on your bed linens before placing them in the dryer. Your linens will smell so yummy.
    Love it❤️

  9. A. Voss

    I am loving this body spray. I sprayed some on my face last night before bed and my skin was soft in the morning. Also the scents are so calming and make me feel good! I just sprayed some on now after a long day on set and it has a calming and feel good effect.

  10. DeLorean Justine

    Must have apothecary item!!

    This spray has had a warm and sweet lingering scent in my room. The amount of complements I received have done nothing but let me know I made the right choice in using this product. It’s now apart of my turn-down routine before I get my beauty rest! Love love love:)

  11. Denise

    My go-to spray after a nice hot shower or gym workout. It doubles as aromatherapy and only enhances my whipped body butter & honeysuckle oil. I get many compliments while wearing these products. Good stuff!

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