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Honey Glam Roll-On Oil

(7 customer reviews)


Honeysuckle Body Roll-On Oil

This unique essential Roll-On oil formula was specifically created by Lela a decade ago. When she attended special events, business meetings and was in the presence of friends, many asked her what she was wearing and desired to buy if she ever decided to sell her oil. Today, it’s available as a signature roll-on body oil that you can apply to your neck, wrist, feet, arms, belly and any section of your body. When you roll this oil anywhere on your body, your presence will be made known! This oil is created with vegan certified rose oil, white Oud, magnolia oil, frankincense, spearmint, and Brazilian orange oil. This special signature oil is a must for those who are hyperallergic to perfumes created with alcohol. Carry it on you everywhere, so you can get your roll-on at any time.


weight: 1.5 oz



  • This floral sweet Roll-on aromatherapy essential oil body perfumes is perfectly for everyday wear.
  • Fabulous great smelling certified rose oil, white Oud, magnolia oil, lotus, papaya, frankincense, spearmint, and Brazilian orange oil.
  • Apply to your neck, wrist, feet, arms, belly and any section of your body.
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates and other ingredients you don’t want on your skin. 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free

7 reviews for Honey Glam Roll-On Oil

  1. Dave

    this Is a great product!

  2. Jennifer

    Love this roll on!!!! It’s a smooth, refreshing scent that is just strong enough to last-without being overpowering! Talk about a purse-essential!!!! This baby will be going everywhere with me!

  3. LDPM

    Love the roll on! Very fragrant!

  4. Le Kiticia

    I absolutely love the Honeysuckle Roll-On Oil! After a relaxing hot bath, roll the oil over your pulse points

  5. DeLorean Justine

    I love my oils and this one has become a great addition! It’s a great item to put on anytime to relax or even throw in my purse!

  6. Denise

    Loving this fresh longlasting scent of honeysuckle. It has such a nice aroma that I reapply during the day just as pick-me-up! Easy to travel with in your purse or gym bag as well.

  7. Jami

    Great addition to my collection. Great to use on the go when I don’t have my body spray available! Still lasts for a while even with a small amount

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