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Honey Nail Glam Spring | Summer Eco-Friendly Vibes 2023

Honey Nail Glam Inc., a luxury lifestyle nail care brand, is excited to announce their participation in several curated events across southern California this spring and summer. These events are aimed at elevating the brand and showcasing their vegan cruelty-free products that promote eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy living.


Honey Nail Glam Inc. is dedicated to creating beautiful eco-chic products for hands and feet, including vegan press-on nails, body butters, body sprays, and soy candles with gemstones. The brand’s products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals, ensuring that customers can enjoy a luxurious experience without compromising their health.


The curated events that Honey Nail Glam Inc. will participate in this spring and summer will support eco-friendly, sustainable, and health and wellness causes. These events will provide an excellent opportunity for Honey Nail Glam Inc. to showcase their products and engage with their customers while supporting important causes.


“Honey Nail Glam Inc. is thrilled to participate in these curated events and bring our luxury lifestyle products to southern California,” said Lela Christine, founder and CEO of Honey Nail Glam Inc. “We are committed to promoting eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy living, and we believe that these events are an excellent platform to showcase our brand and engage with our customers.”


Honey Nail Glam Inc. is looking forward to participating in these upcoming events and connecting with their customers in southern California. Their commitment to promoting eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy living through their products makes them a brand to watch in the luxury lifestyle space.


For more information on Honey Nail Glam Inc. and their products, visit their website at www.honeynailglam.com and FLOW with us and tap into our social media world here at  https://flow.page/hng-prettyinpink




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