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Sweet Rock Rose, a new collection of natural aromatherapy body sprays, organic essential roll-on body oils, whipped body butters with healing crystals and natural aromatherapies, is coming SPRING/SUMMER 2021. Representing a new era of natural healing products, the Sweet Rock Rose collection will initially feature eight signature brand items that introduce consumers to a new world of lovely, certified organic body and home care products.

“We are so excited to celebrate the launch of Sweet Rock Rose,” remarked Lela Christine, creator of the Honey Nail Glam, Inc. brand. “With Sweet Rock Rose, we bring something new to the market using crystals and all-natural plant-based formulas. We make it a point to only use certified organic oils, herbs, and natural compounds to heal and rejuvenate a person’s skin. At each step, our new product collection is created and tested to ensure they are cruelty-free.”

Sweet Rock Rose


The Sweet Rock Rose collection will soon be available online, allowing anyone to experience the power of our infused crystal and essential oil signature brand. Notable products from the collection include:


  • Amazonite Magnolia Rose Oud Candle, an aromatherapy candle that graces you with exquisite, pleasant scents of magnolia flower, Brazilian orange oil, roses, geranium, oud, honeysuckle, and certified organic soy wax.
  • TOGETHER-DIVINE Oud Body Spray, a body and room spray perfect to purge surroundings of negative or stagnant energy with a collection of geranium, oud, frankincense, spearmint, May Chang, myrrh, Brazilian orange, red rose, and magnolia oils.
  • DIVINE-POWER Oud Roll-On Oil, a powerful roll-on body oil with scents of blue oud, spearmint, lemongrass, May Chang, papaya, oranges, peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper berries, apple, cardamom, and sage.
  • DIVINE-AMAZONITE Crystal Love Spray, a body spray and roll-on with amazonite crystals, organic plants, and signature oils.
  • Whipped Magnolia Oud Shea Butter, a signature lavender mango shea butter that rolls onto the skin like silk.
  • Amazonite Rose Oud Roll-On Oil, an oil roll-on made with white oud, gardenia, spearmint, honeysuckle, red rose, sage, juniper berries, and chamomile.

Sweet Rock Rose

Each product has anti-inflammatory properties with natural scents, and is certified organic to give customers the best in natural aromatic products.

We are releasing two products as part of the new collection. The first is a Peacock Rock Rose Breathable Mask that is reusable, washable, pretty, and durable, and sports a floral print design with hypoallergic fabrics and dual-layer protection. The second is our Sweet Rock Rose Tea, with no caffeine and lovely, mellow, berry-like flavors. The featured fashionable item is our Quartz Crystal Druzy 14kart gold filled feather earrings offered in two colors: Dreamy Peach Quartz and Black Tourmaline. As soon as you rock these earrings, everyone will notice you and the fab jewels on your ears!

In this new world order of our time, the Sweet Rock Rose collection is purely focused on elevating our minds, offering a pure natural aromatherapy brand of products that are true to the essence of moving forward and flourishing. Under the divine umbrella of Honey Nail Glam, Inc., Sweet Rock Rose is being introduced as a collection of lovely, certified organic body and home care products that are spiritually tuned-in for individuals seeking alignment with the power of crystals and aromatherapy. Prices range from $40 to $200.


To learn more, please visit SweetRockRose.com. Media inquiries email at su*****@sw***********.com

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