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About The Founder

Our founder, Lela Christine, a FIDM Alumni, designer, digital influencer and serial entrepreneur began her journey in 1991 with transforming her life into a more sustainable lifestyle. Going Green was the “it factor” for her after becoming a mother of two. Motherhood prompted her to read and research ingredients on packaging labels and understand their potential effects on our health and the environment. She made the decision in taking great effort to green her makeup bag by swapping in as many natural, eco-friendly products.

In 2016, she shared with her family that should would launch a beauty brand that would be a healthily alternative for women and their families. This led her to developing a beauty brand specifically for nail care and body care. The Honey Nail Glam Signature Sweet Cuticle Oil was among the first products developed in the collection. The Honey Gel Topcoat was the next product on the development boar. Today she has placed the spotlight on Honey Glam body care products that are now available for anyone who prefers the best aroma-care body products.

Lela shares: “Going Green is something I’m pretty passionate about and I care a lot about what goes into the products we offer consumers”.

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