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Mommy & Me Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brand That’s Right For Your Family

Honey Nail Glam Inc. is the Mommy and Me Non-Toxic, Eco-friendly luxury nail polish company that focuses on providing safe, color-therapy lacquers for mothers, daughters and the entire family who loves to have a touch of something nice in the realm of color on their nails.

It’s all about love and happiness when your wear our signature collections of products. We are the 5-FREE brand that shines ever so bright, sharing our light as the refection’s of a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers..Honey Nail Glam, Inc. is an emerging new Non-Toxic beauty brand luxury nail polish company. Safe for Mothers, kids and teens. We love all things Eco-conscious with no harsh chemicals that are cruelty free.

We offer color therapy nail lacquers that are 5-FREE. Our nail lacquers are glossy, fast drying, last for weeks with out chipping and provide a sweet, sensational smooth finish to each nail. The best news, we created a clear excellent basecoat (Honey Gel Top Coat) and our signature sweet cuticle oil created with vitamin E, almond, safflower and essential aromatherapy oils that heal the cuticle of all who use our product. Our unique cuticle oil formula adds moisture to the skin and aids in the healing of your cuticles, shrinking and tightening the skin, which helps prevent hangnails.






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